The earliest an insight is gained the better prepared you can be. However, key early insights too often remain hidden until a major crisis takes place. Our Insights are designed to bridge that gap. They are short notes that bring to your attention emerging issues and future risks so you can remain ahead of the curve.

Based on the often limited available sources and when possible Afai Consulting’s team first-hand experiences, our insights should be read as eye openers leading to further questions rather than as authoritative facts, a format that allows us to bring you the newest developments in the sector.

Environmental governance in post-conflict scenarios: insights from the Colombian Amazon

by: Nicolas

With the FARC’s demobilization process underway, regions of Colombia where until now the FARC had significant presence are now sitting at an environmental governance crossroads. For years these regions have experienced unique forms of environmental management, monitoring and enforcement due to a combination of limited State presence and FARC governance/influence, and are now facing a possible we...