About Afai Consulting

Providing key insights in little understood extractive value chains and sectors as well as tailored advisory services, Afai Consulting focuses on the interplay between the extractive sectors and Human Security issues at the local, national, regional and global level. In line with the UN sustainable development goals, Afai Consulting seeks to advance Human Rights in the extractive sectors.

People have an imprescriptible right to fulfil their aspirations and extractive activities of both renewable and non-renewable resources can often provide the necessary starting point to do so if well managed. Yet extractive operations often take place in zones of weakened governance where compliance, monitoring, and enforcement may present challenges for all parties, with the potential of generating negative impacts for communities, private companies and local authorities.

Working with the communities, private sector, government, and donors Afai Consulting works to mitigate the negative impacts of resource extraction while maximising the sector’s contribution to people’s aspirations at the local, national, regional, and global level, and, reducing operational, regulatory, commercial and reputational risk for companies.

Nicolas Andres Eslava is the founder and director of Afai Consulting BV. His professional interests and experiences revolve around the financing of armed groups and the functioning of informal and illegal economies, and, their impacts on socio-economic structures and local communities, the armed forces, organised crime and non-state armed groups. Nicolas has worked intensively across the globe covering the different and interconnected aspects of these subjects. He brings with him a thorough understanding of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and is now working towards integrating always more geo-located information into his approach to the understanding of complex natural resource governance topics.

Nicolas has worked for a variety of international donors as well as mining and trading companies and has lead assignments such as: the conduction of political economy of mining value chains analyses, and in particular of ASM value chains; the evaluation of conflict free procurement policies and the conduction of mine-site audits against the OECD Due Diligence Guidance; the production of guidance and advisory documents on artisanal and small scale mining management and on transparency in the extractive industries; the coordination of mining development projects and Mining Code revisions.
In addition to Afai Consulting, Nicolas is also a founder and advisor to Fundación Ava Jeva Amazonia, a Colombian foundation dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the Amazonian biosphere in Caquetá, Colombia. He is also as part of his engagement towards better extractive industries a visiting lecturer on Civil Society Participation and Conflict Resolution Mechanisms in the Mining Sector for the Specialisation in Mining Law and Governance of the Universidad del Rosario, Bogota.
Nicolas holds an MSc in Security Studies from University College London and a BA in Political Science from the University of Lausanne with a focus on Political and Development Economics undertaken at the Copenhagen Business School and Copenhagen University.